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From September 29th - October 8th
we (and you) are the ones we've been WAITING for
Calling all earth stewards, educators, activists, social innovators and community leaders:

We are gathering on an journey of deep collective learning to ask: How can exponential technologies and indigenous wisdom help regenerate our planet?

why we convene?

For a regenerative culture:

This unprecedented moment of countless crises calls us to go both far and fast - facing extinction as a daily challenge. In the absence of predictability, we choose to strengthen our muscles of collaboration. We are bridging our social technologies with wisdom traditions. 

where are we going?

This is a first step 

Our impact will be made from sharing our cultures, languages and practices. Come together to take a learning & doing journey based on indigenous leadership, collaboration, community and interwoven narratives.

Emergent curricula for the learning journeys:
two programs designed for emergence:

Unfold your talents, connect your people, engage your purpose, and discover your place on a journey that goes far Beyond Us.

join beyond us

Together we will walk a path of the emergent possible, being taught by the roads and the stories shared between us. The tools we have gathered and the challenges we face together will guide us through emergency. We will connect with zones of impact and find the courage to become caring follower-leaders of the transition generation; supported by intercultural exchanges of wisdom, contexts, skills and dreams. The results of our efforts will extend beyond us. 

check our open schedule below:
goals of the first edition of "beyond us"

What we will learn & practice

Online collaboration tools and best practices
systems thinking from design to action
apply holistic economic perspectives
balancing multi stakeholder challenges
design, steward and implement new societal solutions
face injustice through courage, wisdom and community
support and mobilization for real communities on the ground
develop and cocreate directly with indigenous leaders
Join us on a journey that goes far Beyond Us
This is a prototype for forms of collective action - you can pledge what you have to give, from resources to your hearts, minds and hands.
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teams of the first edition of "beyond us"


concept / facilitation / documentary
Philippe Greier
naomi joy smith
felipe duarte
Naiara Yusió Tukano
Larissa Borges
Allan lima
Lico queiroz
human groups supporting our journey

Partner Organizations

Genesis alpha DAO
grdn network
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